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Hi!  I'm Brenda


(she/her). Registered Massage Therapist, Doula and owner of Grand River Prenatal Massage.  


As a mother of 8 children, I understand the challenges many women face during and after pregnancy. The transition into parenthood is profound and exciting, and it can also be scary and overwhelming at times. It’s my mission to use my life experiences and education to support other women.  


I believe that our bodies respond best to massage when we feel safe, supported, and relaxed. Relaxation massage is incorporated into every treatment and from the moment  you walk in you are in control. 


You deserve an amazing experience! 


Whether it’s the discomfort of aches and pains, anxiety and stress, or you are exhausted and just need some soothing self-care, I’m here to make your life a little easier.  I look forward to connecting with you.



Brenda Strybosch   

BPR, RMT, Graduated with honours from the Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy

Current study,  third year osteopathy (Canadian College of Osteopathy, CCO Toronto campus).

Trimesters Massage Therapy for Pregnancy and accompanying practical hours at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto. Provided massage therapy for women in the Birthing and Postpartum units including Level 3 hospital patients experiencing high risk pregnancies. 


  • Trimesters RMT Labour/Support Doula

  • Certified Doula Canada Postpartum Doula, Sacred Postpartum Doula Roaster 

  • Trimesters Infant Massage 

  • Pelvic Health Solutions pelvic floor training 

  • Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise Specialist Certification

  • Certified Thai Massage therapist, Thai Massage Toronto

  • Precision  Nutrition Coach, levels 1 & 2

  • Certified Master and Elite Trainer, International Sports Sciences Association 

  • Certificates include, Fitness Nutrition, Youth Fitness Specialist, Strength & Conditioning/ Bodybuilding and Exercise Therapy. 

  • Kobido (level 2) Japanese facial massage (certifying)

  • Bio signature and Body Metrix trained

  • Past natural figure competitor

  • End of Life Doula 

  • Bachelor of Public Relations, MSVU, Halifax

  • Biggest accomplishment: Mother to 8 children

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Is massage in the first trimester safe?

Yes! Massage is safe in every trimester when performed by an RMT trained in pregnancy massage. It is a myth that massage in the first trimester causes miscarriage. 

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Is pregnancy massage always on your side?

Pregnancy massage gives you the choice to be on your side OR face down using special pregnancy cushions allowing a relaxing massage. I use large sheets and a hydraulic table for your comfort and safety.

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What is Belly Wrapping?

Belly wrapping is an ancient art that can help support your healing body after birth. Belly wrapping can be included after your postpartum massage or during postpartum doula sessions. 

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What music do you play during my massage session?

I always ask about your preference. This is your time and you are the boss of music for your treatment. We can even listen to your favourite podcast or music playlist. Helping you create the best self-care experience because you are worth it and you deserve to be pampered.

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What time does the massage begin for my session?

Please arrive on time (5-10 minutes before your appointment)... so you can be on the table and ready to go when your appointment is scheduled to begin.  If you book an hour, you are massaged for the hour, unless there is a specific assessment required. There will be time for a brief chat before AND after your treatment. 

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Do you charge extra for add-ons?

There is NO charge for add ons. Customize your treatment with hot stones, cupping, hot towels, facial massage/steam/mini mask (paraben free) or essential oils. Your massage is always tailored to your needs every time.

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Do you accept tipping?

I really appreciate the gesture but the best form of gratitude is a repeat client, good review, and/or referrals. If you feel that something can be improved, I appreciate your honesty and feedback. Please speak to me or reach out privately via text or email so I have the opportunity to improve and make things right.

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I am not pregnant. Can I book a massage?

Mothers are not the only ones who need a massage. Everyone is welcome to book a standard massage treatment.

Smiling Pregnant Woman

“Self-care means giving yourself permission to pause.” Celia

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. ” – Oscar

“Self-care is how you take your power back.” Lalah



Your well-being is honoured by proudly providing an extensive complement of therapeutic and restorative massage modalities to balance body, heart and mind. 

Your massage session is tailored to your needs, every time.

Massage Services


$ 70  for 30 min 

$105 for 60 min

$125 for 75 min

$147 for 90 min

Prices effective July 15, 2024

Plus HST.  Payment: major credit cards, e-transfer, and debit.

Please Note: I do not bill direct to insurance companies.

Gift Certificates are available.

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Enjoy your massage with full body bolster support for any stage of pregnancy and breast massage. 


a.k.a. Swedish massage stimulates circulation, releases tension, restores ROM and relieves pain.



Gentle sustained pressure  

to improve circulation, relieve tension, pain and  restore motion

Trigger Point

Sustained pressure to help release tight tender spots, often referred to as muscle knots.

Deep Tissue


For  deeper tissue structures to release chronic muscle tension, pain and stress.

Hot Stone


Warms upe muscles to alleviate tensions and create a relaxing and/or deeper treatment.

Book Online

For gift certificate bookings that wish to upgrade to a longer massage, please book the longer time when booking online.

Have questions?



and I will return your message within 24hrs.

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Client Love

Portrait of a Smiling Woman

Aurelia McLeod

Brenda's work invariably leaves me speechless, so to put just words to a review is no easy task. Her hands are wise and intuitive. She is professional, yet warm; vastly knowledgeable, yet keenly instinctive. You can rely on Brenda to be consistently one step ahead in consideration of and compassion for her clients' needs.

Young Woman with Smart Outfit

Jessica Soulliere

This place is an absolute gem! I have been here several times for much-needed massage, and I always leave feeling amazing. Brenda is especially well educated and experienced with pregnancy and postpartum treatments. I would highly recommend this place to anyone!

Happy Woman

Alyssa Jacobs

If you are looking for someone professional, very well educated, and passionate about what she does then Brenda is the massage therapist for you. I would highly recommend her. I have never been disappointed in any of the treatments I have gotten from her over the years! Plus, she is also a sweetheart and a overall amazing human being.

Healthy Woman


I truly value my sessions with Brenda. She is an excellent therapist who has greatly facilitated my rehab and well-being. Thank you!!!


Smiling Woman

Felicia Corvaglia

Brenda is kind, professional, adaptable, and intuitive! From personal experience I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a massage therapist!!

Smiling woman

Alexis Lang

Brenda is highly educated professional that makes you feel welcome and well taken care of! If you’re looking for a massage therapist, I highly recommend you check her out!

Healthy Woman

Allyson Thorne

This place is amazing!! Brenda is such a sweetheart and creates such a kind and welcoming environment :) I recommend this place 100%!!!

Happy Baby


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423 King Street East

Cambridge, ON, N3H 3N1

FREE Parking (King & Dover)


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