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Doula Services

Hi! I’m Brenda (she/her), Registered Massage Therapist, doula and owner of Grand River Prenatal Massage.  

As a mother of 8 children, I understand the challenges many women face during and after pregnancy. The transition into parenthood is profound and exciting, and, can also be scary and overwhelming at times. It’s my mission to use my life experiences and education to support other women.  


I believe that our bodies respond best to massage when we feel safe, supported, and relaxed.  Relaxation massage is incorporated into every treatment and from the moment you walk in you are in control.  


You deserve an amazing experience!


Whether it’s the discomfort of aches and pains, anxiety and stress, or you are exhausted and just need some soothing self-care, I’m here to make your life a little easier.  I look forward to connecting with you. 

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“A new mother should be treated with massage, warm baths, a specific diet, and herbal drinks that prevent infection, promote vitality and alleviate vata.” - from The Charaka Samhita, An Ayurvedic Text Dating Back to Circa 400 BCE
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What is a
Postpartum Doula?

According to Doula Canada, “As a Doula, in any form, our main goals are to provide support physically, emotionally and in the form of valuable information.  In the sleep deprived, overwhelmed state of a new parent, a professional Doula is invaluable.  Although a doula is mainly there to assist the recently-gave-birth client, the doula really does provide support to all members of the family, ensuring that their transition into their new role is well received.”

Doula Support

Between 70-80 % of new moms experience baby blues and 1 in 6 develop postpartum depression.  Ancient wisdom from around the world attests to the importance of support and care for the new mother during the fourth trimester. From sharing birth stories, making healthy broths and teas, women around the world have honoured and mothered the mother with rituals and compassion.

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“When any mother has a problem, the first thing I say to her is, “You need to be petted! put your feet up, your body needs to be boosted with touch and stimulated if you want to get through this time.” -Cecilia Garcia, Chumash Medicine Woman, Ensenada, Mexico.
Doula Services

Your home visit is tailored to best help you and your family during the fourth trimester. Customized by the new mom to include items such as, salt scrub, herbal bath, hot stones, cupping, belly wrapping, leg and feet massage while you nurse, baby massage, partner massage. Lots of time for questions and help with daily activities, your plan will adapt to your needs.  However, you decide the time will best serve you, I am excited to help and look forward to meeting your new baby. 


I like to get to know you and what your Doula expectations are before your baby arrives so we can make the best use of our time together.  


For existing prenatal clients within a designated radius. Arrangements to be made in person, depending on availability. Tailored to each new mother.


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